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Frequently Asked Questions:
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Do I need to install any software to my computer in order to use all your services?
Definitely no, you can use all our services online without the need to download or install any software.

Why should I register with youconvertit?
As a free registered user, you will have the following benefits:
• 1GB of file storage capacity, while unregistered users will have No file storage.
• You can convert multiple files at the same time.
• You can send or convert bigger file(s) size.
• You can send or convert bigger sized file(s).
• More bandwidth for downloading your files.
• Yours files will have higher priority than unregistered users.
• Download speed is higher.
• More time before files expires.

Can I change my account from a free to a paid account without the need to create a new account?
Yes you can, from your inbox you can upgrade your account. Please click here to view our Plans.

I haven't received a confirmation email after registration?
If you have signed up but not yet received a confirmation email then please check your bulk or spam folders , If you are still not able to find the email, then please contact our support team & they will activate your account.

Can I advertise on your site?
Yes you can, please check our Media Kit and if you are interested please contact us at

Can I use convert file page to convert a file using a registered email without signing in?
Yes you can, the system automatically will detect your email and ask you if you want to sign in or not, when you click on the skip button the system will convert your file and send the file to your email without adding it to your inbox, unless you sign in your file will be saved in your inbox as well as sent to you email. See screen shot.

How many times can I use youconvertit as a public user?
You can use it as many times as you like; there are no limitations for using the services as public users.

I noticed when converting a file, the result shows two file extensions, for example: converting image.gif to .jpg result shows image.gif.jpg, what does this mean?
It means your file now is ".jpg" format & the ".gif" before it is only a name & does not reflects the file type any more.

I have forgotten my password, where can I reset it?
Click on sign in, the pop up window will open, then click on "Forget Password". The system will ask you to enter your registered email and a security code, after that you will receive an email with a link to complete the process of resetting your password. See screen shots.



What different file formats do you support?
We have divided our file formats into five main categories - Audio, Document, Image, Video and Archive Formats. To see our entire supported format, Click Supported Format in the footer.

I don't like the ads, how can I remove them?
You need to have a premium account (paid) at youconvertit, to be able to hide them.

Can I delete my account?
No you can't. However your account will expire if not used for a minimum period 6 month.

How will I know if my file type is not supported general types are not supported?
Automatically the system detects the file format & alerts you if the file format is not supported.

Do I have to put my email in the "Email Address (es)" text box while I am signed in?
No, the system detects your email address if you are signed in and no need to place your email in that field. See screen shot.

In the "Convert file(s)" page and "Send file(s)" page, I see an option check box "Enable file(s) to be shared in social networks" what does it mean?
This option gives you the ability to share your file(s) at facebook, twitter and my space in an automated way.
If you uncheck it people will not be able to share the file automatically

what will happen to my bandwidth if the "Enable file(s) to be shared in social networks" was check?
For Unregistered Users : they will be able to download the file(s) until 1 GB is reached or the link is expired after 3 days , which comes first
For Registered Users: the limit of download is set to 200 downloaded times or after 10 days link will expire which ever comes first. For Paid Users: the limit of download is set to 200 downloaded times or once you bandwidth has been consumed, you can stop the sharing by going to the inbox and near the shared file click this icon  and in the pop up window click

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