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Converting PNG Files

Youconvertit can convert PNG files to the following formats:

png to bmp (Windows bitmap)
png to dpx (Digital Picture Exchange)
png to gif (Graphic Interchange Format)
png to jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
png to jpg (Joint Photographic Group)
png to pam (Pluggable Authentication Modules)
png to pbm (Portable Bitmap Graphic)
png to pcx (Personal Computer eXchange)
png to pgm (Platinum group metals)
png to ppm (Portable Pixelmap Graphic)
png to ras (Sun Raster Graphic)
png to sgi (Silicon Graphics IRIS)
png to tga (Truevision Targa Graphic)
png to tif (Tagged Image File)
png to tiff (Tag Image File)
png to yuv (Image raster graphics)
Convert File From

File extension: .png
Category: Image Formats
Convert File To

File extension: .tga
Category: Image Formats

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